Oral presentations guidelines

Keynote speakers: 40 min (30 min + 10 min discussion)
Invited speakers: 20 min (15 min + 5 min discussion)
Contributed speakers: 15 min (12 min + 3 min discussion)

Authors cooperation is appreciated in keeping the meeting on schedule for the benefit of all attendees.

All oral presenters are required to upload an electronic version of their presentation at least one day prior to their presentation on-site to the staff in the speakers’ slide upload point.

Presentations must be submitted in Microsoft Power Point PDF format. For compatibility reasons, it is strongly recommended that presenters adopt common use True Type fonts in their Power Point presentations.

The presentation file must to be on a USB stick. The conference will provide a computer running version of Microsoft Windows 7. The suggested format are: .PDF (Abode Reader DC, FoxIt Reader, SumatraPDF); PPT o PPTX (Office 2010); ODP (LibreOffice 5.3). Sound and Video: AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MOV, WMV, OGM, WebM.

To identify the presentation on the workstation quickly and prevent confusion onsite, please name the presentation with the ISEC assigned paper number and family name.


Poster presentation guidelines

Each vertical poster board can accomodate posters up to (95 cm (width)  x 200 cm (height), i.e. vertical or portrait layout)

Please, note that the presenter must be an author of the poster and a registered attendee.

Three poster sessions will be organized:

Tuesday (Tu) 13 from 14:30 to 16:00
Wednesday (We) 14 from 14:30 to 16:00
Thursday (Th) 15 from 14:30 to 15:45


Each poster presentation has been assigned a code, for example DD-TTT-NN

  • the first two letters “DD” identify the day of the poster presentation (see table above)
  • the following three letters “TTT” identify the poster subsessions (see list below)
  • the number “NN” identifies the poster board number
Superconducting digital devices, memories and applications SDM
SQUIDs and Superconducting Detectors SQD
Spintronics SSP
Interface States INF
Materials & Fabrication MAF
Novel superconducting hybrids and unconventional pairing HYP
Quantum Technologies QUT




Poster presenters are expected to set up their material on poster boards during the lunch break of the the day of their poster presentation and remove it the following morning.