2017 Conference Program

ISEC 2017 Conference is organized in single technical sessions, thus offering a unique opportunity to stimulate discussions among all the participants coming from a wide variety of superconductor-related research fields.

The topics of the Conference are:

– SQUIDs and SQUID Magnetometry
– Digital Applications and Technology
– Memory for Superconducting Applications
– Superconducting Detectors
– Readouts & Detectors
– Innovative Technologies: mwaves, Spintronics, & Opt Cryocoolers
– Quantum Technologies
– Materials & Fabrication
– Impact and exploitation in nano-electronics of novel superconducting hybrids with unconventional pairing as well as    quantum topological properties
– Spin-triplet pairing in S-F hetero-structures and hybrids based on unconventional pairing
– Interface states in topological superconductors and insulators interfaced to Scs
– Odd frequency generated superconductivity; in ferromagnets; Future: Spin-mixing phenomena in superconductors, organic superconductors

In particular, in this edition further attention will be devoted to explore the integration of superconductivity with new electronics.

Both unconventional superconducting hybrids based on and employing aspects that are derived from the quantum topological world will be touched upon, in the belief that the interface of superconductivity with other degrees of freedom (spin, orbital, charge, lattice, quantum topological states, etc.) can represent a unique knob for innovative functional devices.