Novel frontiers in superconducting electronics: from fundamental concepts and advanced materials towards future applications

Pozzuoli (Italy), December 12th – 16th 2016

The ESAS Winter school has been the first satellite event of  ISEC 2017.

It provided stimulating lectures on the new exciting trends in advanced materials, and unconventional and topological superconductivity, which are nowadays the novel frontier of superconducting electronic.

Visits to the laboratories at the CNR SPIN Pozzuoli were also scheduled. Over 30 participants attended the school, coming from twelve different countries, including China, Japan, Russia, India and the United States.


In its program, ISEC 2017 will host a focused meeting, to stimulate and boost the interaction between the world of Quantum Technologies and the Industries which are active in the field of superconducting technologies (mostly electronics).

Superconducting Electronics for Quantum Technologies Flagship: beyond the potential aims to discuss the role of superconducting electronics in the realm of quantum technologies and with respect to their industrialisation process.



immagine%20incollata%20600x400ISEC2017 intends to foster communication among the communities dealing with the various aspects of superconductivity .

The Topaz room at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio will be available for meetings and discussions among the partecipants.
Please contact info@isec2017.org for further information