Alitalia offers most nonstop international flights to Rome and Milan, from which you can fly on to Naples.

Direct international flights to Naples operated by other airlines, from Paris, London, Munich, Frankfurt, are active all year round and, in summertime, also from New York and San Pietroburgo (carrier: Meridiana).

Flying time to Milan or Rome is approximately 8–8½ hours from New York, 10–11 hours from Chicago, 11½ hours from Dallas (via New York), 11½ hours from Los Angeles, and 12 hours from Tokyo. The average flight time from Rome to Naples is around 45 minutes and from Milan to Naples, about 1 hour.

From Naples to Sorrento

It is possible to reach Sorrento form Naples by taxi, by direct bus, and by train. For further details see the boxes below.

Ferry is also possible. (click here for routes and costs)

How to travel
Bus from the airport to Sorrento

The company Curreri viaggi connects the Naples airport to the Sorrento railway station, and offers the possibility of buying the tickets online Click here to download the relevant timetable.

Taxi fare to Sorrento

The fixed taxi fare from Naples airport to Sorrento is 100,00 euro (See Taxi fares per Sorrento) per car, no matter the number of passengers. You must ask the driver for Tariffa predeterminata upon boarding.

Bus + Circumvesuviana Train

Alibus is the fast connecting bus line between Capodichino Airport and the City Centre. A service which provides direct, rapid and efficient connections between Airport and Central Station (bus stop“Corso Novara/ Piazza Garibaldi” (Central Station)) You can buy tickets on board the bus or also at the Sun Store shop in Naples International Airport (€4,00 both at authorized retailers and on board)

Then, you must take the Circumvesuviana line whose trains leave form Garibaldi, which is  is the station underneath the Napoli Centrale train station. Tickets are sold at the train stations, newsstands and tobacco shops. The trip Naples to Sorrento takes approximately 1h15min.

Trains to Sorrento run every 30 minutes more or less. There are 2 types of trains: Diretto and Diretissimo: the Diretto stops in every single station until Sorrento, the Diretissimo is a bit shorter in time (15 minutes less) as it stops in less stations than the other one. The Direttissimo is marked as DD after the schedule so you know.